Company history

Company NIVA has founded in 1920 under the name Ikarus. During the period between 1930 and 1947 the company worked under the name Novotaur and even then had a wide range of products based on various cotton types. Since 1959 the company has been operating under the name NIVA and its main activity is production of medical supplies and products from cotton wool. Since 2007 NIVA is 100% privately owned.

Our mission

With our tradition, competence and production capacities we continuously provide a product that fulfills expressed and realistic user demands. Our product is our recommendation for safe and quality customer supply.

Our vision

Our vision is reaching and keeping the status of leading company in terms of product quality by using modernized domestic production, accomplishing high level of customer satisfaction by making employees more active in planning, implementing and controlling all production activities, increasing production capacities and making new possibilities for more profitable production by introducing new technologies.